Infant Brain Growth

What is the last memory you can recall? Chances are you can not remember anything from the first few years of your life. Annie Sneed is an author on the website Scientific American, in her article Why Can’t You Remember Being a Baby?, she talks about how it is thought that the excessive amount of neuron growth as an infant disrupts the brains ability to store old memories. The part of the brain that recalls memories is the prefrontal cortex, which at a young age is not fully developed, another possibility in why we cannot remember being babies.
babies memory
Although at such a young age long term memory is almost obsolete, short term memory is obviously working. We may not think about it much but babies notice familiar faces if often seen, they remember what their bottle is, they may even remember certain sounds and their toys. It is thought that babies short term memory starts functioning when they are still in the womb, usually around the beginning of the mothers third trimester, and that they can recognize noises such as their mothers voice when born.


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