Accidents Happen

As we get older, even during adolescence we realize how important our brain is to our everyday lives. Our memory is used during every part of our day. We don’t always sit back and truly think about how difficult our lives would be without a memory. The movie 50 First Dates is a perfect example of this. Imagine waking up every morning with no recollection of what happened the day before. Not having a memory would mean you wouldn’t even be able to properly get dressed in the morning or figure out where you are going by yourself. It’s a scary thought for me to one day lose my memory function, sometimes people do not always lose their memory as a result of getting older, but possibly an accident they are involved in that affects that part of the brain.

This movie is an example of a type of amnesia called anterograde amnesia, this type of amnesia affects your short term memory and disables the brain of creating new memories. The human-memory website further explains different types of post traumatic amnesia such as anterograde amnesia, retrograde amnesia, and psychogenic amnesia.
These types of amnesia all occur shortly after some type of traumatic brain injury and some times happen for minutes, sometimes hours, days, months, even years.
Retrograde amnesia differs from anterograde amnesia in that it is the loss of memories from shortly before the incident. With retrograde amnesia, sufferers may partially regain memories back later, but with anterograde amnesia, the person will never regain those lost memories.