“An Elephant Never Forgets”

Have you ever heard that “an elephant never forgets”? Chances are you have, and this information is partially true. Animal’s brains are measured in EQ’s (encephalization quotient) which is what scientists believe their brain would weigh compared to their weight, and is said to measure how smart that animal is. Our EQ, as a human, would be around 7 where an elephant’s is around 1.88 measuring them as the smartest animals where their brains measure around 10.5 pounds. An elephant is known for recognizing the smell and faces of family members, and their feeding grounds. Scientists have not actually been able to prove how smart an elephant is, but based on their actions we have concluded they actually are rather smart. Elephants are also said to be very big grievers and can even recognize the bones of a deceased family member.

Emily Upton writes a perfect exmaple of an elephant’s memory in an article, Elephants Really Do Have Exceptionally Good Memories. In her article she talks about two elephants who are put together in an elephant sanctuary and when the two saw each other they became so excited and started trumpeting around like nothing the workers at the sanctuary had ever seen before. Turned out the two elephants knew each other from when they used to perform together in a circus 23 years prior! At least it seemed as if they had knew each other. Coincidence?